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Our Global Partners

7D Imaging, Inc strongly promotes ultrasound learning around the world and is a major contributor to the NYAGI Project. Please join our global community!

Dr. Cliff Gronseth, 7D Imaging, Inc. and The NYAGI Project founder, was awarded the 2018 Humanitarian Award by The International Foundation for Sonography Education and Research.


The NYAGI Project

NYAGI (Now You Are the Group’s Interest) stands for the man, woman or child living in an impoverished area desperately in need of medical care.  The NYAGI Project is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to increasing diagnostic ultrasound use and education in resource limited areas around the world.

        • NYAGI’s mission: Saving lives with ultrasound...together! We do this by working with individuals and other organizations to bring together ultrasound equipment, expert sonographers, and educational software loaded on donated iPads, with the goal of teaching medical providers working in resource limited areas of the world how to recognize high risk pregnancies and other potential medical emergencies. Using ultrasound to identify those with life-threatening medical conditions in rural areas can improve their chances of survival and a safe delivery for mother and baby.

        • Currently working on projects in Nepal, Haiti, Uganda, and Guatemala.

Other Partners:

Global Women's Health Support

Global Women's Health Support was born to reach global underprivileged communities and their healthcare providers, and to help them acquire the equipment already available in developed countries. Our purpose is to introduce ultrasound to these communities by providing the equipment, the interactive digital books, and the personal hands-on training on how to perform the various scanning protocols.


One Heart World-Wide

One Heart World-Wide is a nonprofit organization with a mission to decrease maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in remote areas of Nepal. OHW started work in Tibet in 1998 and now is fully-focused on scaling successful programs across Nepal.


Healing Hands of Joy

Healing Hands of Joy is a nonprofit organization Healing Hands of Joy was established to make motherhood safer in Ethiopia and eliminate preventable childbirth injures.



The International Foundation for Sonography Education and Research (IFSER) is dedicated to improving access to quality education and information for the global diagnostic ultrasound community. They wish to make a positive contribution by increasing the availability of healthcare by providing educational resources and products to ultrasound practitioners worldwide.  By offering such assistance and by supporting those who are engaged in ultrasound research, they can help expand the practice of diagnostic medical sonography throughout the world.

Imaging The World

Imaging the World (ITW) is changing global medicine through a revolutionary concept integrating technology, training and community to bring medical expertise and high quality health care to remote and under-served areas worldwide. Due to the unavailability of advanced imaging technology, rural populations suffer needlessly. Without early diagnosis, many treatable diseases, especially maternal conditions, can quickly become critical resulting in death or injury. ITW has created a new sustainable model for ultrasound imaging, making basic life-saving diagnosis accessible in the poorest regions.