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Frequently Asked Questions


What is mskNAV™? What is EmedNAV™?

mskNAV is a mskNAV™ is an interactive learning system for musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound. Similarly EmedNAV is a learning system for emergency ultrasound. Going beyond traditional education methods, our ipad-based programs presents easy to use, intuitive reference guides at your fingertips when you need it most – even while doing active scanning. Streamline your learning with step-by-step guidance of what to look for, ultrasound videos with comparative normal and abnormal views, potential pitfalls, and expert tips and pearls. Build your confidence using our courses – it's like having an ultrasound expert by your side. In addition, use the 3D anatomy references as a visual teaching tool to help educate patients.

How do I contact 7D Imaging, Inc.?

Phone: 1-877-977-1875; Email: info@7Dimaging.com

Can more than one healthcare provider use the modules in our office?

Absolutely! When purchasing modules, choose the quantity you wish to have in your shopping cart.

Do your learning systems substitute for professional medical care?

No. Our products are strictly educational tools designed to provide side-by-side learning during ultrasound exams. It is in no way a substitute for professional medical diagnosis.

Am I elegible for CME credits with mskNAV?

Yes. mskNAV was developed in accordance with the AAPMR, AIUM, and ESSR endorsed guidelines for learning musculoskeletal ultrasound, and therefore using mskNAV provides a learning tool for preparing for AMA Category 1 musculoskeletal CME credit.

Do I need an ultrasound machine?

Our modules are designed to sit on a tablet holder (which you can purchase from 7D Imaging, Inc.) next to your ultrasound machine. However, it can be used as an educational tool in various settings ranging from the classroom to personal study.

How do I contact technical support? What technical support do you offer?

7D Imaging, Inc., provides technical support for whatever problems or issues you encounter in the download or operation of mskNAV. Just email us at: info@7Dimaging.com with SUPPORT in the subject line. We will respond to your support issue within 24 hours.


What devices work with your products? Or what platforms are approved for use?

Our modues operate on Apple IOS 6 and IOS 7, and may be run on iPad mini devices. It runs on iPad 2 or newer devices. It does not run on iPad 1.

How much disk space does your software require?

mskNAV requires 2GB of storage on your device for the Full Musculoskeletal Body (both Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity), and a minimum of 1GB for one module.

Can I use my own iPad, or do I need to purchase another one?

Our modules do not require a dedicated device. Many healthcare professionals have downloaded our products onto an existing personal device as a tool for learning diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound. Alternatively, many practices have loaded our modules onto a dedicated, shared device, attached to the ultrasound cart, as a practice-wide ultrasound guide.

When I try to download modules from the Apple store, I get the error message, "This application is not compatible with this device." What does this mean?

mskNAV is designed to run on iPads and iPad mini devices running IOS 6 or higher (and will only run on iPad 2 or newer devices). If you receive this error message, your device does not meet these criteria, and the software will not work on your device.

When downloading modules from the Apple store, I received the following error message: "It appears you are not connected to a data network."

The mskNAV content modules are large files, which are best downloaded over a broadband or dedicated connection. If you receive this message, you may be using a cellular or low bandwidth connection, which may result in very long download times and, potentially, dropped connections.

When downloading mskNAV or EmedNAV modules from the Apple store, my connection dropped and the content download was interrupted. Now I get an error message and cannot run mskNAV. What should I do?

Completely turn off iPad and restart. 
Completely delete mskNAV program and then redownload mskNAV or EmedNAV.


Where can I find a tutorial to help me get started?

There are online tutorials built right into the modules to help guide you. From the home screen, tap "Quick Guide" on the left hand side to activate.

Can I permanently download videos, reference material, or images to my iPad or desktop?

Videos are permanently stored on the device. They are either included with the app or pushed to the app via an update. This update is direct to the app and automatic.

I have problems loading videos. What is wrong?

Make sure your iPad or iPad Mini is running iOS 6 or higher and has the minimum storage (2GB for Full Body) and memory requirements to run mskNAV.Try turning your iPad off and rebooting. Email our support desk at info@7Dimaging.com with SUPPORT in the subject line.

I tapped a point on the body but nothing is happening. What is wrong?

Your device may be frozen due to being on an unsupported device, iOS or having inadequate memory and storage.

Make sure your iPad is running iOS 6 or higher and meets minimum storage (250 MB) and memory requirements to run mskNAV. Try turning your iPad off and rebooting. Call or email our support desk at info@mskNAV.com with SUPPORT in the subject line.

How do I know what version of mskNAV I am running?

Go to Settings › General › Usage › mskNAV ... and it shows you the version.

Can I print images from my iPad?

Yes by holding down the "Home" and power button simultaneously you can perform a "Print Screen."


Will module videos and content be updated? How often?

At a minimum every 30 days you will be prompted to update the software with content or perform Apple app updates.

The editorial team plans to continuously add videos and content to the modules, especially over the first year. During the first year, many more pathology images will be added to the pathology library, as well as additional videos showing scanning techniques.

How do I update my content?

The mskNAV, EmedNAV and CV Risk modules will sync with the content server each time the device connects with the network or Internet. The application will determine if there is updated content available for your subscription, and will prompt you to download the updated content.

Will the modules be updated?

The mskNAV application will periodically be updated to add enhancements, new features, or to fix application errors.

How do I update my modules?

The mskNAV application will sync with the Apple store each time the device connects with the network or Internet. The application will determine if there is a new application version available, and will prompt you to download the updated version.

How do I report an application error or bug?

To report an application error or bug, please send email info@7Dimaging with SUPPORT in the subject line. or call 877-977-1875.


Why should I buy the iPad bedside stand?

Our modules are differentiated from other products on the market by the fact that you can use it side by side with your ultrasound machine during live scanning. This side-by-side use can only be achieved with the iPad stand. The stand is not required for any other uses and is considered optional.

How do I purchase the iPad bedside stand?

Simply add the stand to your shopping cart on the purchase page of our website.

Will you ship the stand internationally?

No, we do not ship the stand internationally. 

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