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Be Phenomenal.

Ultrasound can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. Our system allows you to feel confident faster, to learn anywhere, to learn more than the basics and to be phenomenal. Unlike traditional courses, the NAVTM system helps you learn ultrasound faster and retain information better.  Like a pocket-professor, NAVTM modules are designed to give you quick access to ultrasound information that's pertinent to you, wherever and whenever you want...even at the bedside. It's an amazing educator and confidence booster, especially when time is precious.

On-Demand Ultrasound Training

Information at your fingertips:

      • Research shows retention rates from an on-site ultrasound courses are about 6% and can drop to 0% at six months without practice.
      • Traditional courses can be costly and take time.
      • NAVTM accelerates learning by providing basic and advanced information at your fingertips.
      • Quick access to information relevant to your skill level and the setting provides faster skill, knowledge and confidence.
      • Works in 'airplane' mode.

Learn at your own pace:

      • Simple, straightforward curriculum focuses on the key features of ultrasound scanning, teaching you what to look at and what to look for.
      • Material is outlined into manageable segments for progressive, step-wise learning.
      • Appropriate for learning at all levels, from basic to advanced.
      • Learning speed can increase by 70% or more.

Developed and Continuously Updated by Experts

Developed by physicians and sonographers with years of experience.

Curriculum and compendium of information continuously updated and based on AIUM, ESSR, AMSSM, ARDMS, SDMS and NEC guidelines.

Our vision of a global community

Ultrasound Without Borders

Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool for seeing inside the body…real time, dynamically, and radiation-free. Since we believe ultrasound would be used more if people knew how to better perform diagnostic ultrasound, we’re committed to increasing ultrasound use globally as a cost-effective, portable, safe diagnostic tool. 

To that end, we appreciate any feedback or contributed images, especially tips, pearls of wisdom, and ultrasound pathology images that can help us educate others. We would be glad to credit you for any resources you contribute.

Thank you for helping us share ultrasound with the world!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Seeing is believing … try risk-free for 30 days!

We're confident that you’ll learn ultrasound much better and faster than by traditional methods. 

Use for 30 days risk-free; if it doesn't suit your needs, contact us for a full refund.



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