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  • obNAV homepage

  • Interactive curriculum

  • Ultrasound basics table

  • Knobology

  • Labeled videos

  • "Hotspot" video overlays

  • Probe position videos

  • Measurement protocols

  • "Pinch-and-zoom" anatomy

  • "Pinch-and-zoom" anatomy

  • Anatomy labels

  • In-depth reference documents

  • Pathology library with exercises

  • Labeled MRI scan of the pelvis

  • MRI scan quiz mode

obNAV is an interactive course for learning ultrasound applications and guided procedures in gynecology, obstetric ultrasound, and breast ultrasound. 


• Guidance through first trimester scans, third trimester anatomy exams, basic gynecological exams, and breast ultrasound exams.

• Comprehensive reference guides

• Ultrasound video clips with dynamic labeling and advanced mapping

• Organized examination steps

• Pathology image libraries

• Expert pearls and pitfalls, scanning technique, what to look for, anatomy and landmarks

• Images for probe placement and patient positioning

• 3D “peel away” anatomy of abdominal and retroperitoneal structures

• An introduction to the physics of ultrasound and knobology


  1. obNAV


    The obNAV module includes videos and reference material to guide one through basic obstetric and gynecologic scans, as well as an introduction to breast ultrasound.
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  2. iPad Stand (USA Domestic shipping only)

    iPad Stand (USA Domestic shipping only)

    Flexible iPad holder is recommended for high speed, mskNAV™ at-your-side learning. Fits iPads 2,3,4, iPad Air and Pro.
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